Call for Summer

I must say this has been quite an amazing year. First moving in to college, getting to travel not only all over Missouri but also getting to go to Taiwan, it has been quite the college experience. Although I will miss my time here at Missouri State, I am ready for my new adventures in Columbia, MO where I will be staying  this summer with a few of my good friends who are also doing an internship in Jefferson City. I will miss my friends and family, but “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, than we aren’t really living” (Gail Sheehy).  

I am also sad to say that I will no longer be returning to Missouri State next year.  I have absolutely loved my time here and have created so many friendships that I will keep for a lifetime. My heart however lies in the Zou at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The end is near and I must say it has been a great chapter in my life. I now no longer will have to endure dorm life, eating dining hall food, or race for parking. It will be replaced with now having to pay for a house, utilities, and having to buy groceries. I can’t believe how fast college is passing by, but if can pass every finals week until I graduate I know that I am a survivor. 


Ode to an Agriculture Journalist Hero

This past week I had an amazing opportunity to hear from one of the most well-known, well respected guys in the agriculture journalism/ communication business. Chuck Zimmerman, founder of AgWired and ZimmComm News Media, took the time to speak to our class about his role in the Agriculture Communications field and how the company came to be. Chuck and his wife Cindy have both continued an active career in news media for over 30 years.

ZimmComm was one of the first to join in to the blogging world spreading the news about the agriculture industry. The ZimmComm team now covers almost every major agriculture event across the country where they report and blog news concerning the industry.

One of the major keys to the ZimmComm’s success over the years was being able to keep up with the ever changing social media trends and the way public relations and journalism has changed over the years. After seeing a need for agriculture news to enter into the online world, they never wavered for the opportunity to bring agriculture to social media and the blogging world. As social media and communication continues to change, we can always count on Chuck and Cindy to be proactive when it comes to the evolution of journalism. I have no doubt that agriculture communications is in good hands.