FFA Convention and All that Jazz…

As some of you may know this week marks a very important week to many FFA members across the state. For some it’s preparing for contest teams, looking forward to sessions and keynote speakers, or in my case—looking forward to a time of reflection from this past year. Words cannot describe all of the friendships, countless memories, laughs, car troubles, and life experiences that have truly changed my life. I am so excited for members to finally arrive and to hear the first tap of the gavel at the opening session.

I am so thankful for every opportunity that the Lord has given me. When I think back to the beginning of the year I set goals for myself and that was to leave an impact on others, and to never let an opportunity pass that I may regret later. The Greek god Caerus, was well known for his unique hair style. Also known as the opportunity statue, Caerus’s was bald in the back with only a small tough of hair in the front. His hair was supposed to represent how opportunities can pass you buy. As you pass by him, you can grab his hair, but once he has past there is none to hold on to. Once an opportunity passes you by, you can no longer seize it. I only hope to keep this idea with me over the years for the constant reminder of how precious time can be.

I have learned many lessons this year and although I am beginning to close a memorable chapter in my life, I know that my involvement will never change unless I chose to do so. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


One thought on “FFA Convention and All that Jazz…

  1. I love that you have been taking us through your journey as a state officer and what it has meant to you. You have been involved well among FFA and definitely done your time. You’ve impacted a lot of people and I think it will do great things. I loved your reference here to the greek god. That makes a lot of since and is great advice. Never let any opportunities pass you by. Try them all. Thank you for your post.

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