College Tips

For this week I decided to post a few tips I have learned from my adventures in Springfield and my experiences I have learned from this year:

College tips:

  •  When you begin to stare at the ice cream machine in the dining halls, firmly tell yourself NO and then walk away, you will be addicted for life.
  • You will gain the freshman fifteen it’s inevitable, so might as well not fight it.
  • Never choose a Gatorade on how cool the color looks; it will most likely be gross.
  • No coffee after 7 o’clock, no matter how cool it looks to sit in a coffee shop late at night, your stomach will pay for it the next day.
  • No matter how many times you check your Facebook, your homework is still not done (we all do it).
  • Always make early appointments for library study…. the Asians usually fill it fast.
  • If your study plan includes some form of procrastination and leads to an all night study, make sure you do not make eye contact with anyone— your lack of beauty sleep will scare many.
  • When stuck with community bathrooms in your dorm ALWAYS wear shower shoes.
  • Girls: you never have to buy bobbie pins at the store ever again, there is always a constant supply in random corners of your room.
  • Do your laundry regularly- it’s hard to get the hang of, but is most appreciated.
  • For those of you who get stuck with professors with accents- there is nothing you can do about it, so just try and enjoy listening to the exotic voice because you will not be able to understand a word of it.
  • Become friends with Kimmy Jin
  • Don’t try to use the Rec Center after New Year’s, resolutions will most likely only last about 2 months.
  • GO TO CLASS—because you pay for it.
  • Make an effort to make friends in every class; this comes in handy for homework help.
  • Your advisors know what they’re talking about, so make an effort to listen and schedule appointments.
  • PAY your parking tickets.
  • Your room is only a place where you sleep, otherwise be out and about on campus and meet new people. College is full of opportunities—take advantage of it.

Hope you all enjoy!


One thought on “College Tips

  1. I agree with pretty much all of this, college life is definitely a change to our systems. I mostly have trouble with the paying my parking tickets but I will say that I’ve lost weight this semester instead of gaining. But most importantly for the men, get used to there being alot of women walking everywhere be nice don’t use derogatory terms and remember to open doors for them!

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