Wise Words from a Blogging Superstar

Judy Graff, more widely known as the Farmn’Wife, is what I would call a farm blogging superstar. She started blogging in 2007, and from there shared her passions about agriculture and now helps other farmers share their story as well and how to promote their products. Reading through her blog I saw a few things that I thought were very useful when it comes to blogging and the impact it has for business.

  • Blogging is one of the best ways to grow closer to the consumer

There are many advantages to blogging that allows consumers to contact you directly through a simple comment. Educating the people about your product will give them a better understanding of every benefit you have to offer. In turn, this creates a much happier consumer and a better business.

  • Have a blog post checklist

Having a simple to navigate an organized blog will attract more readers by simple making it easier to read through. Let’s face it, WordPress is one tough cookie when it comes to how the program works and organizing your blog just the way you like it. It is important to just spend a little bit more time on learning how to work it in order to create a larger fan base, having graphics, links, and good titles will pay off.

  • Create a searchable title

Although we all like to think that our blogs are special and they are, they may not be getting the most views. She uses the example of the word “Agriculture” and how much the word is searched. When searched almost 2.7 million different links come up. So, instead of just using broad terms, use specific phrases that give you a better chance in showing up on the first search page.

The Farmn’Wife is now a widely known name and continues to help farmers and students such as myself to better your business and share your story of agriculture. 


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