Celebration National Ag Day

This week was a very exciting week for agriculture as Tuesday March 19 marked this year’s National Ag Day. This year I had the amazing opportunity to spend Ag Day in Washington DC to help spread the word of agriculture and its importance at our nation’s capital. One hundred young agriculturalists all serving as leaders in AFA (Agriculture Futures of America), 4-H, and the FFA organization were gathered to meet with their congressional leaders in order to promote agriculture.

One of my favorite things about getting to wear the Blue Jacket is getting to show off the amount of pride and legacy that comes with our organization. Coming to the capital this week and being stopped by so many people who had also shared that same FFA background and who were proud to have been a part of FFA, made me realize just how much of an impact this organization has on young students and future leaders. I was overwhelmed of the amount of support that came from the congressman I had the opportunity to speak with today. I have high hopes for America’s largest industry and its issues are more important now than ever before. I hope everyone will share their agriculture story this week and help promote our farmers safe and sustainable food!20130318_200445 577673_441121502632500_734043073_n 31475_10151826729136978_264281011_n


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