Favorite Time of Year

I feel spring is in the air! Now, only a few short months until summer. This summer however, will be very different from the rest. For as long as I can remember every summer I would spend alternating between my grandmother’s house and the farm. Each year I could not wait for school to finally be out, and I would be home free. This was a very busy time of year, but it was spent doing the things that I loved. You would never see me inside the house, whether it was helping plant our summer crops, raking hay, or going to fairs. I always loved the outdoors and getting to spend every moment of it with my family and friends was always my favorite part.

This summer will be much different. I will be starting my new summer adventure in Jefferson City as an intern for the Missouri Department of Agriculture. I am very excited for this amazing opportunity, but I will miss my summer on the farm. Even though my summer won’t be spent at home, I am still excited for great things to come this summer. I cannot wait to meet new people and begin this new chapter in my life.Image


One thought on “Favorite Time of Year

  1. Congratulations on getting the internship for the Missouri Department of Agriculture! College is always about trying new things and taking advantage of the many opportunities. I hope that you will continue to blog this summer and share all the cool new experiences you have while working in Jefferson City!

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